Superscale 320247: P-40E Warhawks

Units: 23 and 49 FG


$12.00 MSRP


Scott Van Aken

I'm probably one of several tens of thousands who like the P-40. Like many other venerable WWII types, I can't get enough of them so this new Superscale sheet is quite welcome. There are four different options on this sheet and most modelers will use the newer Hasegawa kit for this one. Of course, these markings will fit the older Revell one equally well if you wish.

First two are actually the same plane, 'Old Exterminator' as flown by Robert L. Scott. First with the US fuselage insignia is the way he originally had it when flying from Assam, India in April/May 1942. Later, during the summer of 1942, when he took command of the 23rd FG, he swapped for this plane and that is the more famous 'white 7' plane. The name 'Old Exterminator' was never painted on the plane. Standard OD over Neutral Grey.

Moving to the 49th FG, the first one here is Joseph Kuzel's 9th FS plane when flying from Australia in 1942. The Dragon is quite fetching. This and the next aircraft are painted in RAF Equivalent colors of Dark Green/Dark Earth and Sky Grey.

Next is another 49th FG P-40 E of Sidney Woods who was commander of the 9th FS during 1943 when the unit had moved to New Guinea. This one is named 'Arizona' with the appropriate snake on the cowling. You'll notice that in the SWPA and CBI, it was normal to paint out the serials numbers.

The sheet has common markings and data for one aircraft. This includes a full set of stencils for the prop and a bomb. Like most decals nowadays, it is printed by Cartograf in Italy.

August 2009

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