Superscale 32-008: RAAF Spitfire Vc

Units: 452 and 457 Squadrons


Long out of production


Scott Van Aken


Here is a real oldie from the archives. This sheet is for the Australian Spitfire Vc, and while no kit is specifically mentioned, I do believe that Hasegawa does this one in 1/72 scale. The standard camo for these planes is Dark Earth and Foliage Green over Azure Blue, though not all were painted in this manner. All do have the rather frumpy looking sand filter as operations during the dry season created a real problem with dust and grit ingestion.

The sheet provides enough insignia and data markings to do one aircraft. My particular instructions were very lightly printed so I had to do some manipulation of the image to get it dark enough to show you! Since this is an old sheet, any use should be prefaced with a recoating of the decals with Microscale's decal film.

The first three aircraft are all from the same unit, 457 squadron, and all painted in the standard scheme.  ZP*D has a black spinner and ZP*X has a white spinner and fuselage band (which will have to be painted.

The fourth scheme is from 452 Sq with a black spinner and a slightly different camo scheme of Light Earth/Foliage Green over Sky Blue.

Each of these planes has a small personal marking under the wind screen..

June 2005

Review copy courtesy of me

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