Stormo 48010: G.55 Italian Aces Part I
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Scott Van Aken

This latest new sheet from Stormo is for the Fiat G.55. Many consider this the best Italian fighter of WWII and some even put it up against other 'bests' of that conflict. Though not built in large numbers, it was fairly effective and good enough for production to continue post war. Lack of DB engines resulted in the use of the Merlin and the G.59 was born to become Italy's post war advanced trainer.

There have been a few kits of the G.55 in 1/48 scale being produced by SMER, Classic Airframes and more recently Special Hobby (which is probably a reboxing of the Classic Airframes kit). The Special Hobby version is the most accurate, but the SMER kit is easier to find and much cheaper.

So here is what is covered:

The first option is one of the prototypes that was flown by several highly qualified pilots. It has the most distinctive camouflage scheme of all the options. The rest are in a very dark green over a light grey.

Second is one of the preproduction aircraft flown by ten Osvaldo Bartolozzi from 353 squadriglia. Bartolozzi had six victories.

Next, in Luftwaffe markings, is another preproduction aircraft. Note that this one and the previous two still had the white fuselage band used by the R.A.

Fourth aircraft is also a preproduction airplane with Luftwaffe markings. This was flown by ten Agustino Celentano who had seven victories. This aircraft has a replacement rudder.

The first ANR plane is another preproduction aircraft  as flown by cap Giovanni Bonet in March 1944. He had eight victories.

We then move to the first Series 1 aircraft flown by cap Giuliao Torresi with ten victories.

The seventh option is another preproduction aircraft flown by Ennio Tarantola with eleven victories.

Finally a Series 1 aircraft flown by Venario Reale in April 1944.

The worsening war situation and the lack of spares eventually resulted in the type being removed from service and replacement with German 109s.

The decals are superbly printed by Cartograf. Enough markings to do up to five aircraft.

May 2021

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