Stormo 48008: Italian, German and Croatian Aces 1
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Scott Van Aken

This is Stormo Magazine's eighth 1/48 sheet and they have picked another excellent subject. This one covers MC.205 aces and like past sheets, there are eight subjects. All of these are in the same camouflage pattern of dark tan with green 'smoke rings'. All of the RA planes have a white fuselage band and spinner. Suggested kits are by Hasegawa and Italeri.

First up is a 51 stormo plane flown by mIlo R. Gaucci flying an early build 205.

Next, is with a1 stormo aircraft is Capt G Beggiato's plane based at Pantelleria in May 1943

Another 51 stormo aircraft is the mount of Sergente  F Serafini in late July 1943.

The last RA option is Sgt L Gorrini's 3 stormo plane from August 1943. This unit put its aircraft number on the fin.

The first German marked plane, also with white fuselage band and spinner was flown by Olt F. Hrdicka of II.JG77 in November of 1943.

Next is the plane of Olt Ljudevit Bencetic of 14.ZJ based at Zagreb in June of 1944. This plane replaced the white fuselage band with yellow.

The last option is from the Co-belligerant Air Force and flown by Ten D. Fanali of 155 gruppo in October 1943.

Decals are nicely printed and there is a lot more on the pilot's history in the instructions. Well worth picking up if you want something different from the norm.

February 2018

Review copy courtesy of  Stormo Magazine. Order direct from this link.

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