Starfighter Decals 500-100: Essex Class Decals 1958-91


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Scott Van Aken



This next Starfighter Decals sheet is a very nice one that offers markings for three different Essex Class aircraft carriers. It is designed for the reissued Renwal kit USS Shangri-La kit. This ship is 27 Charlie/125 upgrade ship that had the angle deck added. There were three ships of this specific upgrade that include the USS Lexington and the USS Bon Homm Richard as well as the Shangri-La.

Starfighter provides a series of marking for any of these three ships from around the 1960 time period and for the Lexington in three different time periods from 1958 to 1978.

The full gamut of flight deck markings, which were not the same in all ships as well as the island numbers are included. Not only that, but the sheet includes some markings for a couple of VFP-61 Cougars and VAH-2 Skywarriors, as apparently the kit comes with these two planes

The sheet is superbly printed by Cartograf and Starfighter provides a full color markings and painting guide. I should mention that my set came rather badly creased by the USPS as Starfighter did not put cardboard in the envelope of my review samples. I would encourage Starfighter to do this every time they ship a sheet to prevent this sort of situation. In all, it is a great sheet and I think we should thank Starfighter for looking after the carrier builders in this manner.

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October 2013

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