Starfighter Decals SFD-01: Starfleet common markings


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Scott Van Aken


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 Many decades ago, your editor was trying to get into war gaming. The few that I played with others were fun and one that I bought but could never get anyone else interested in trying was a game called Star Fleet Battles. I even went as far as to purchase some small Star Fleet and Klingon pieces to replace some of the cardboard squares that generally come with these games. Alas, I found that these really ate into modeling time and with the reluctance of others to participate, the hobby died in the very early years. At least it did for me.

This is not true of others and both Star Fleet Battles and another called Federation Commander are going hot and heavy.

Recently Starfighter Decals released at set of Federation ships that included five ships and much of this decal set. However, there are plenty of folks out there that have the originals and these are sorely lacking in decent decals.

Well, not any more as Starfighter Decals has issued this set that includes common markings, serials, hatch warning areas, and a variety of vents and grilles that would be found on Star Fleet ships of the time.

Both sheets are superbly marked and are standard water slide decals. You'll have to cut out some of the bits and pieces as areas on some are interconnected with clear decal. About the only thing not on this sheet are ship names which you can get from another sheet. The set comes with several color pages of placement guide for eleven types including those shown on the cover sheet.

Overall, it is great sheet for the war gamer and those who are into  displaying small models such as these.  If you want to learn more about the gaming system, visit

Thanks to for the review sample. You can buy these direct if your local shop does not carry them.

August 2011

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