EZ Rigging PE-06: SBC-3/4 Rigging


$8.00 from www.starfighter-decals.com




Scott Van Aken


For the Heller 1/72 kit.

Starfighter's etched rigging sets have proven to be quite popular, and for a good reason. These sure beat trying to rig with thread or wire, especially when one has dual flying wires right next to each other. This new set is for the Heller SBC-3/4 Helldiver. One may ask if it will fit the Matchbox kit and I do not know. If they are the same dimensions, I see no reason why not, but they are not designed for it.

In addition to the flying wires, there is a pitot tube, DF antenna, and a pair of lower wing bomb racks with anti-sway bars. Interplane wires are also included.

The set comes with full instructions as to how to install these pieces as well as some construction advice. All of this makes for a most worthwhile set and an equally reasonable price. These do tend to sell rather well so it would be advisable to get it while it is still available.

Thanks to www.starfighter-decals.com for the review sample. Get yours direct from the link. If you buy it, it will only encourage them to do more!

February 2013

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