EZ Rigging PE-05: P-26 Rigging


$8.00 from www.starfighter-decals.com




Scott Van Aken


For the Academy/Hobbycraft 1/48 kit.

This is a welcome move into 1/48 scale for Starfighter with their photo etch rigging sets. This particular set is designed for the very nice Hobbycraft P-26 that you can also find in Academy boxes.

EZ Rigging's new set not only includes all the rigging, but also has a very complete instruction section on the back of the card telling the builder exactly what goes where and when to install it. It also includes a radio wire, something that wasn't airfoil shaped, but it is a nice inclusion. Also included are a set of rudder hinges.

When you add this to their excellent aftermarket decals, it will make into a very nicely detailed aircraft model.

Thanks to www.starfighter-decals.com for the review sample. Get yours direct from the link. If you buy it, it will only encourage them to do more!

June 2012

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