Medallion Models MM-34: P-40B/C Upgrade


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Scott Van Aken


For Monogram P-40B/C Tomahawk.

Some of you may well think that the title is a typo, and I wouldn't blame you. Medallion Models has been out of the market for many years. However, they are now back, thanks to Starfighter Decals. Not only is Starfighter re-issuing several of its products, but the quality of the resin is now a ton better than the original. No air pockets, no brittle resin, just quality stuff. This set is for a kit that really needs an upgrade, the venerable Monogram P-40B/C Tomahawk. The set basically uncludes an interior with rudder pedals, control stick, instrument panel, gun sight and a few other bits (note that one handle broke away during shipment). You also get new wheel wells, a proper shape spinner (simply cut away the kit blades), new coolant and carb intakes. The set comes complete with instructions that include photographs to help out. A great and most welcome addition and a perfect excuse to break out your old Monogram kit.

November 2015


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