Starfighter Decals 540-102 Midway Class CVB  Markings


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Scott Van Aken



Those who like to build old ship models, and I mean models that are old, not the ships, will be very pleased with this one. Starfighter Decals has produced a very nice decal set for what the instructions state is the first injected plastic aircraft carrier kit, that of the original deck USS Midway class carrier. This is one of the 'carplet' fleet kits with the smooth flat bottom that was so much fun to 'sail' on the carpet when one was a kid.

 These kits date from the mid 1950s and still holds its own, despite its age. They are fairly accurate for the time, but they have not been re-released in a very long time. What that frequently means is that the decals for the kit (which were fairly minimal anyway) have long passed their 'use by' date.

So we now have a great set of markings that is applicable to any of the three Midway class boats as they were in the mid 1950s. The sheet includes island numbers, ship names, elevator markings, deck numbers, and the various stripes that were installed on these ships. You get a few variations on the theme and the instructions will guide you as to which go with which variant. The decals themselves are superbly printed and are really what you need if building one of these old warriors.

January 2019

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