Starfighter Decals 7216: R-1535-B series engine


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Scott Van Aken


For a number of 1/72 aircraft.

The Twin Wasp was probably one of the most popular and most copied engines of the 1930s and early 1940s. It powered a number of aircraft and came in a equally large number of variants. This particular version was used to power aircraft such as the SBC-3, SB2U, A-17 series, F2F-1, F3F-1, Bristol Bolingbroke, BT-1 and the 247A airliner to name some of the more prominent types.

This is Starfighter's second resin engine, their first being the R-1820 as used by pre-war planes. The molding is excellent and the engine is pretty much ready to clean and paint. Of course, it comes with no motor mount as those differed widely so the modeler will need to deal with that, but in many cases just a section or two of plastic is all that is needed. It is a nice addition to many extant kits and well worth picking up. There is one engine per package.

December 2015


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