Starfighter Decals 72-135: Pearl Harbor Defenders


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Scott Van Aken



Now this is a sheet that I think most WWII fans will appreciate. We have had a ton of sheets on the attacking Japanese units, but rarely does one see any for those US aircraft that were involved. That has come to an end with this one. There are five different aircraft in this sheet with seven markings options.

The instructions provide all the pertinent detail on these aircraft that include notes on what, if any, modifications need to be made to the available kits in order to more accurately portray the ones shown.

The first shown on the cover is an SBD-3 from Scouting 6 that was shot down around Barbers Point. It is possible that the gunner got the first USN air to air kill of the war. The pilot went on to score the first US ship kill four days later when he sank the I-70.

Next is a P-36. There are two markings options. One is aircraft 86 as shown that was piloted by Lt. P. Rasmussen  of the 46PS/15PG who is credited with one A6M kill. The other is an OD/Neutral Grey aircraft piloted by Lt. H. Brown of the 47PS/15PG who shot down two Kates.

For the F4F-3, this is one of the group from Fighting 6 that survived a friendly fire debacle on the afternoon of the attack.

Next are P-40Bs in OD/Neutral Grey. #155 was flown by Lt. K Taylor of the 47PS/15PG and credited with four Vals. A similarly marked #160 was flown by Lt. G. Welch who cad four kills, three Vals, a Zero and a probable.

Finally, a PBY-5 of VP14. This aircraft dropped depth bombs on a midget sub early in the morning before the actual attack. This was the submarine spotted by the USS Ward.

This is a super sheet and no US WWII aircraft fan worth his 1/72 salt should pass this one up.

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July 2012

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