Starfighter Decals 72-133: Boeing P-12E Part 2


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Scott Van Aken


For Matchbox or Monogram conversion.

The next new sheet from Starfighter Decals is their second offering for the P-12E. This sheet includes four options of which you can model two planes. Kits for this are from Matchbox (not easy to find) or the Monogram F4B-4 using the Starfighter conversion set. You can usually find the F4B-4 in an Accurate Miniatures box.

This has four options and unless mentioned, they are Olive Drab with yellow wings and tailplanes.

The first option is with the 18th PG as part of the Headquarters Squadron so has all the nice colors in the wing and fuselage bands.

Our blue fuselage plane is part of the 'Skylarks' display team from Maxwell Field and one of three aircraft that did aerobatic displays at various shows.

Next is one with the 35th Pursuit Squadron at Langley Field. Note that the engine faceplate is in white.

Finally, a very colorful plane with the 6th Pursuit Squadron based at Wheeler Field in Hawaii and it is in these markings that the USAF Museum's plane is painted.

These are standard waterslide decals and are very nicely printed by Cartograf. The provide all the unique markings and also a set of wing walk decals.

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May 2012

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