Starfighter Decals 72-132: Colorful Desert Storm Intruders


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Scott Van Aken


For any 1/72 A-6E kit.

A nice sheet from Starfighter Decals is this one for a pair of A-6Es that flew in Desert Storm in 1991. Hard to believe that it was over 20 years ago isn't it? Both of these markings options are TRAM equipped aircraft and both are in the Tactical Paint Scheme

There are several A-6E kits available in 1/72 and due to the nature of the markings, any of them will be useful for this set. I should add that both markings options are for units aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt.

The first set of markings is for VA-65 'Tigers'. This is the CAG bird and as was common, there is not any rainbow of CAG colors on the aircraft.

The other is from VA-36 'Road Runners'. This aircraft was lost on 2 February 1991. To my knowledge, neither unit survived once the A-6 was retired from the inventory.

There are standard waterslide decals and are very nicely printed by Cartograf. The provide all the unique markings, some of the data markings and insignia for both options. 

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April 2012

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