Starfighter Decals 72-122: Boeing P-12E USAAC


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Scott Van Aken


For Academy/Hobbycraft kit.

This new 1/72 sheet from Starfighter Decals is designed for the Matchbox P-12E. Not sure if Revell AG has reissued this or not, but since they bought Matchbox, they'd be the ones to do so. The sheet itself is superbly printed by Catrograf, who has become the top decal producer in the world, and rightfully so as the colors are vibrant and the detailing crisp and clear. You get four aircraft in this sheet, all with  Olive Drab  fuselages and yellow wings and empennages.

Option #1 is from the 24th PS in the Canal Zone during 1934. The diamond design on the cowling is unique to this unit.

The second option is also from the Canal Zone  in 1934, but this time it is the group commander's plane with the 16th PG.

Number three is also a group commander's plane. This one is from the 8th PG based at Langley Field in Virginia.

Finally, another Langley plane. This time it is the 36th PS with its red engine cowling.

There are enough common markings to do two of the planes on the sheet and if you use the kit decals (which by this time are probably not very viable), you can do them all. There will be some painting required for some of these, but since you have to paint the yellow wings and empennage anyway, it won't be that onerous.

It is a great sheet and a very good price. If you have any of those now ancient Matchbox kits, you can now toss the kit decals and use these.

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February 2010

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