Starfighter Decals 72-117: P-26 Peashooter Part 1


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Scott Van Aken


For Revell kit.

This particular sheet from Starfighter is for the Revell 1/72 P-26. Those wondering if they will fit the Pavla kit will have to give them a go. I'm sure that most of the markings will be useful if not all of them. This sheet includes four sets of markings options (actually six if you read the stuff below), with enough insignia and tail stripes to do two aircraft. All of these planes are from the 1st Pursuit Group.

The first two options are for planes of the 94th Pursuit Squadron. The initial option with the nice cowling markings has the ability to be done with both the #23 Light Blue and #22 Olive drab fuselage. The second option is only with the blue fuselage. These were all stationed at Selfridge Field in Michigan.

The next two are from the 17th Pursuit Squadron. Again, the initial option can be done with either the light blue or OD fuselage. The last option is one based at Nichols Field in the Philippines during 1941 and has the blue fuselage. Often outlying areas had obsolete or obsolescent aircraft for defense, unlike today where we often put the more modern types in forward locations.

As with all their newer 1/72 sheets, this one is superbly printed by Cartograf in Italy. The sheet even includes the wing walk areas where needed. Standard setting solutions (Microsol) are recommended.

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October 2009

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