Starfighter Decals 72-116: P-6E Hawk Part 2


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Scott Van Aken


For Dragon kit.

Gotta love these new markings for old Monogram kits. I'm pleased that Starfighter Decals has taken it upon themselves to provide these for us, and equally amazed that it has taken so long for someone to realize the need.

This sheet have five different markings options with enough insignia and tail stripes to do two aircraft. Of course, this is for the Mongram kit, which was reboxed by Accurate Miniatures a couple of years back.

First two planes are from the 33rd Pursuit Squadron in 1938. Both of these have #23 Light Blue fuselages, red fuselage bands and nose markings.

Next is one from March Field in 1936. This and the next two options have #22 Olive Drab fuselages. This plane has a yellow nose and a nice checkered fuselage band.

The final two options are from the 94th Pursuit Squadron in 1934. Both have the OD fuselage and red diagonal strip on the fuselage. The second option has a fancy red nose for which Starfighter provides the yellow outline. One should scan the decal sheet and use these markings to help make a paint mask.

As with all their non-144 sheets, this one is superbly printed by Cartograf in Italy. Standard setting solutions (Microsol) are recommended.

Thanks to for the review sample.

October 2009

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