Starfighter Decals 72-110: P-36 part 1 - 20th Pursuit Group


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20th PG


Scott Van Aken


Printed by Cartograf

 Once again, Starfighter Decals comes to the rescue of those of us who have a bunch of older kits but no real markings options for them. This time, it is the P-36 that gets all the attention, and in this case, the sheet is designed for the Monogram kit. This one has been released by Revell as well. I'm equally sure that one could use the MPM/Special Hobby/Azur kit as well, though it could be that the markings would be a bit large or a bit small as they were not designed for that kit.

All of these planes are in the unpainted metal scheme and have colored cowl bands and the red/white/blue rudder markings of the time. There are sufficient insignia, data and stripe decals, as well as wing walk markings to do two complete aircraft. The US Army under wing markings are in black, which is, I believe, correct for uncamouflaged aircraft.

The three options are:

The Group Commander's plane with three command stripes and the cowling segmented into the three squadron colors of red, blue and yellow.

A 77th PS aircraft with the Red markings

A 55th PS aircraft with the Blue markings.

Just FYI, the upper code letters on the fin, PT, indicate 20th Pursuit Group as T is the 20th letter of the alphabet. The 20th is one of the USAF's more historical units and has survived a number of force reductions over the years as other units have disappeared. It is currently flying F-16s out of Shaw AFB.

The instructions are well done and in full color. They also explain how to take the Mongram kit and make it into a more accurate P-36A as it is molded as a P-36D. As with the other sheets, it is beautifully done by Cartograf.

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December 2008

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