Starfighter Decals 72-105 USN/USMC insignia 1930s part 1


Starfighter Decals 72-105 USN/USMC insignia 1930s part 1


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Scott Van Aken


Printed by Cartograf

For their next sheet, Starfighter Decals has realized that there is a serious lack of 1930s markings out there and so has produced a set to help alleviate that lack. There are two sheets involved in this set. The first is a set of insignia in two sizes with a couple of VF-10M forward facing unit markings.

The next sheet has a bunch of unit markings including VF-6/8B/1B, VB-6, A slew of VB-5B/VS-2 markings with section colors, some Battle E pennants and markings, some USMC markings and BF2C-1 serials.

Next are some VF-3S/VF-7B/VF-5 Eagles within a start, a set of Tophatters and Flying Chiefs insignia and some VS-3B/2 Indian's heads. Along the top are some E and C awards along with some US Navy and US Marines fuselage markings. The card that comes with the sheet provides a bit more info than what I've provided. It is interesint to see that some of these unit markings are still with us or at least only recently retired.

Starfighter 1/72 decals are now printed by Cartograf, so you will be able to use stronger setting solutions on them.

A great set for those of you doing those colorful 'yellow wings' Navy/Marines aircraft. The image above is twice actual size so you can see the detail quality.

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July 2008

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