Starfighter Decals 7205: SBC-3 Conversion Set


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Scott Van Aken


For Heller kit.

Long delayed with the first run quickly sold out, Starfighter Decals now has its SBC-3 conversion set on the market. This set allows you to convert the Heller SBC-4 into the earlier SBC-3 variant. The resin itself is superbly done with no molding glitches at all. It includes a complete replacement interior with floor, seat, sidewalls, bulkheads and radio gear. It also has an engine accessory section, cowling and rudder.

Some work will be needed to incorporate this conversion into the Heller kit, but it is pretty straight forward and the instructions give you step by step procedures on how to do all this. Included in the set is a photo etch fret from Tom's Modelworks. This is for another kit, but all you will need are the parts for the machine gun, assuming you wish to install one in the rear. The kit does not come with one, but you can get a .30 cal from a variety of sources and now you have a detail set for it.

The set also includes markings for two planes. One is a hack for VF-6 from 1937 with a True Blue tail section. The other is the red tailed Yorktown Air Group Commander's plane from the 1940 time period.

All in all, it makes for an excellent conversion set. Contact Starfighter at the link below for more information.

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May 2011

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