Starfighter Decals 7204: P-36 Upgrade Set


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Scott Van Aken


For Monogram kit.

Now this is a set that I KNOW will be useful to many of us. I can recall bemoaning the lack of aftermarket bits for the Monogram P-36 for a long time. Starfighter Decals has done two sheets for this plane and now has answered many prayers and produced a resin cockpit set that includes wheel wells.

The resin is nicely done with floor, sidewalls, seat, control stick, instrument panel and forward bulkhead with rudder pedals. Two wheel wells with alignment keys are also in there. Don't just assume those resin 'thingies' jutting out from the wheel wells are sprue attachments as they are definitely not. These are to keep the wells aligned and butt up against the landing dear attachment posts. That is, however, a pour stub on the bottom of the seat and the control stick is just under the instrument panel, having been molded on its side.

This is not a shake and bake set. Some planning is needed and the most complete instructions spell out everything you will need to do. There are also some photos to help you along with doing all this. Though it will take a bit of work, the results have to be worth it. The Monogram kit is still a nice one and now it gets the upgrades it has needed for so long.

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March 2009

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