Starfighter Decals 7203: F11C-2 Upgrade


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Scott Van Aken


For Monogram kit. Includes BF2C-2 conversion (also sold separately)

Starfighter Decals has added yet another great resin set to their small, but growing lists of goodies for the old Monogram kits. This one is for the F11C-2 and includes 8 resin pieces to make up the non-existant interior. There is a floor, control stick, fore and aft bulkheads, sidewalls, instrument panel and a seat. In addition, this set includes a new rear deck section in case you'd like to convert the kit to a BF2C-2. From the looks of things, the conversion set will be sold separately.

Starfighter Decals includes a superb set of installation and conversion instructions. There are well done photographs showing just where everything goes as well as step by step installation instructions. Same goes for the BF2C-2 conversion process. The casting is very well done and quite detailed and thin. The seat has a lap belt molded in place as well.

It is great to see these things done and I think you'll like what you see when you get yours.

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March 2009

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