Starfighter Decals 7201 : 1/72 P-6E Cockpit Set


$7.50 from


Scott Van Aken


For the Monogram kit, also reboxed by Accurate Miniatures.

Once again, Starfighter Decals comes to the rescue of those of us who love those old 1/72 Monogram kits but wished there was a cockpit detail set for them. Sure, the kits as they are have the cockpit filled with pilot, but many of us want to have a nice interior. Now we do.

This set is complete and does require a bit of shaving on the inside to get the bits in position. The eight superbly molded parts come on very thin resin pour strips and can be easily removed with scissors or a sharp hobby knife. Complete instructions with photos of how it should all fit and a written 'how to' are included along with this set. The price is right and the set is what you've been awaiting so go to it while the getting is good.

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July 2009

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