Starfighter Decals F4B-4 Cockpit Set


Starfighter Decals 7200: F4B-4 Cockpit Set


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Scott Van Aken


For Monogram  and Accurate Miniatures kit

You have to love what Starfighter Decals has done with the release of this resin cockpit set. For decades, modelers have delighted in the Monogram 1/72 fighters of the 30's, yet little has been done in the way of aftermarket for them. Actually, nothing had been done.

Just recently, Starfighter Decals has issued several sheets for the F4B-4 and P-6E and now they have produced a very nice and detailed cockpit set for the former. This set includes a cockpit floor, two full sidewalls, a seat with harness, instrument panel, guns, rudder pedals, seat adjustment lever and a control stick. All of this in flawless resin.

Not only that, but there is a very complete set of instructions included with the set that provided not only details needed to successfully use this set, but a series of helpful photos as well.

I'm quite jazzed that we are finally seeing some detail stuff for this particular kit and it bodes well for one being produced for the P-6E.

I'm sure these will be a huge hit. You can get yours from the hyperlink below.

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June 2008

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