Starfighter Decals 72-154: Operation Leader- USS Ranger North Atlantic 1943


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Scott Van Aken


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Operation Leader was a combined USN/Royal Navy operation to attack shipping and facilities in the Bodo Norway region in November of 1943. The US Navy operated the carrier USS Ranger during this time and showed that combined units of both services could operate well together. It also did considerable damage to German operations by sinking or damaging a number of ships. Shore installations were also targeted.

It was during this operation that the first USN air to air successes were scored against German aircraft with several planes sharing in the destruction of some reconnaissance aircraft. All the planes on this sheet are in the tri-color scheme with red surround insignia. You cannot see the red in the decals as I had to darken the sheet in order for the white to be apparent.

In this sheet we have options for three different aircraft.

The F4F-4 Wildcat is one of those that shared in a kill. You are also provided numbers for the #1 and #7 aircraft. The recent Airfix kit is recommended.

Next is an SBD-5 from VS-4. For this, Hasegawa is recommended.

Finally, a TBM-1 from VT-4. Again, Hasegawa is the kit recommended.

In reality, these markings are not such that you couldn't use other kits. It is just that decal makers generally recommend the best currently available. Decals are nicely printed and the markings guide is useful.

Starfighter decals often sell out quickly so you have been advised.

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