Starfighter Decals 72-153: Operation Torch: November 1942


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Scott Van Aken


Wildcat, SBD, and TBF

The first major Allied amphibious landing of WWII took place along the Vichy French controlled northwestern coast of North Africa. There were concerns that the French would put up a fight and in some areas they did. However, after a few days, things stabilized as the French realized the big enemy was the Axis, and despite their rather intense dislike for the British for what they did at Toulon, the rest of the invasion was rather peaceful. So much did the French dislike the British that FAA aircraft were in US markings!

On the USN side of things, the aircraft were decorated with large yellow rings around the insignia to make the planes a bit easier to see in hopes that the French would not open fire on Americans and for the most part this is what happened.

This set includes markings for two SBD-3s from VS-42, An L-4A cub from the 8th Observation Squadron, four F4F-4 Wildcats from VF-41, VF-9, and VGF-29 along with three TBF-1s from VGS-26, VGS-27 and the CAG. An SOC-3 from VCS-7 is also included. The sheet even includes prop warning stripes.

The instructions are superb and provide notes for each option. Kits are not difficult to find for any of these options. The decals themselves are nicely printed and without registration errors.

Starfighter decals often sell out quickly so you have been advised.

August 2017

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