Starfighter Decals USAAF/USMC at Midway-June 42


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Scott Van Aken


1/72 scale

One thing I really like about Starfighter Decals' sheets is that they do sets based on specific events. In this case it is the Battle of Midway. The USN gets all the attention from decal makers so it is great to see the USAAF and USMC getting a sheet.

The set includes markings for seven different aircraft types. Starting with the USAAF, there are markings for three B-17Es, 'Old Maid', 'Joe Bftsplk', and 'Madme X'. The recommended kit is by Academy and the sheet notes that some had turrets different than what is in the kit and where you can get this.

The other USAAF plane is a B-26, 'Suzie Q'. This is from the initial production batch and you'll need to find an old Monogram snap-tite kit and modify the tail turret, or locate the Valom kit. These planes were armed with external torpedoes.

For the Marines we start with a pair of VMF-221 F4F-3 Wildcats as flown by Marion Carl and Roy Corry Jr. Next are a pair of F2A-3s as flown by Kirk Armistead and Charles Kurz, both of whom are credited with shooting down Val dive bombers. A VT-8 det Midway TBF-1 is included as it was the plane's initial combat debut.

Then we have an SBD-2 Dauntless from VMSB-241. This aircraft is still extant and displayed at the Naval Aviation Museum.  Next are three SB2U-3s from VMSB-241. Each of these planes as well as the other nautical aircraft on the sheet are in the early war blue-grey over light grey scheme.

The sheet includes enough common markings to do one of the aircraft types provided. These markings should fit about any kit of these planes as none are such that they need to be sized, though a note about that is provided.

Overall, a great sheet and one that any early war enthusiast will be glad to have in their hands.

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April 2016

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