Starfighter Decals 72-139: USN at Guadalcanal


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Continuing with their 'events' sets, this one from Starfighter Decals covers the USN at Guadalcanal in 1942. Within this set are four SBD-3s, six F4F-4s, three TBF-1s, and a PBY-5 Catalina. There are enigh insignia to build one each of these planes, but if you wish to do more, aftermarket insignia or those in the kit can be used. All of these planes are in blue-grey over light grey, as was the standard camo scheme of the time.

So let us start with the Wildcats. You have F-12 of VF-5, 27 of VF-72, F-22 and F-4 of VF-11, 20 of VF-6 and finally 19 of VF-10. The recommended kit for the Wildcat is the Hasegawa boxing, though you could use others if you have them on hand.

Next are the Dauntlesses. These are B18 from VB-6, which is one of two planes whose rear gunners wounded Saburo Sakai. Next is 0 of the Saratoga CAG commander. 16 is from VS-71 and has been credited with shooting down three Japanese planes in one day as flown by two different crews. Finally, B16 from VB-11 and one of the rare planes with a unit badge. Again, Hasegawa is the recommended kit for this one.

There are three TBF-1s. One is 64 from VT-8, GC is the CAG bird from VT-10 and T-1 is from VT-10. THis plane has a darker rudder when looking at photos. This one was also field modified with externally mounted wing root guns. Both VT-10 planes have unit badges. There is no TBF-1 kit in 1/72. The best is to use a TBM-1C kit and backdate it by adding the cowl gun and removing the radar antenna and wing rocket rails.

Finally, a PBY-5A attached to HQ South Pacific as the personal transport of Admiral McCain. This was the first aircraft to land on Guadalcanal on 12 August 1942. Minicraft makes an excellent PBY-5A.

The decals themselves are superbly printed by Cartograf and the instruction sheet provides more info than I have given you.

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July 2013

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