Starfighter Decals 700-102 USS Yorktown Class CV Markings 1942


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Scott Van Aken



This is the second of Starfighter Decals' 1/700 carrier decal sets. This one is for the USS Yorktown class ships in 1942. This includes the Yorktown, Enterprise and Hornet.

Deck markings are pretty basic in this set as they are either stripes or dashed lines. With the war underway, flight deck markings were not flamboyant at all and were painted on a Norfolk Stain 250N which is a dark blue.

What makes up the rest of the sheet are insignia and code letters for the various air wings at the specific times provided in the sheet. They cover the Battle of Midway, Eastern Solomans and Santa Cruz. The Enterprise participated in all three of these so there are three different profiles for the air wings aboad during that time. Yorktown is provided only for Midway and Hornet only for Midway. All of the aircrft are in blue-grey over light gull grey as was appropriate for the time.

Decals are very crisply printed by Cartograf and offer either white or black codes as are appropriate. The instruction sheet provides additional color info for the ships and information on the various air groups.

It is a sheet that I know modelers of these ships will appreciate having.

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July 2013

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