Starfighter Decals 700-101 USS Enterprise CVN-65  Markings


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Scott Van Aken



The USS Enterprise has been decomissioned and is on her way to the scrap yard. She served fifty years, an incredible amount of time for any ship. This latest new sheet from Starfighter Decals covers markings for her from 1962 until 2001. The sheet covers all of the standard deck and deck edge markings used on the ship and provide a goodly number of markings used on the hangar deck as well.

The instructions are quite comprehensive and provide a guide as to exactly where everything needs to be placed. In addition, there are a goodly number of drawings for the placement of the markings that go on the island. These changed more often than you would think and so the guide is very useful depending on when you wish to model your ship.

No kit is specified and frankly, modern carriers are not my area of interest but I am sure there are several in this scale from which to choose. The decals themselves are very nicely printed by Cartograf. A nice inclusion is a mural of sorts showing the various different ships named Enterprise. I am not sure if this went on the hangar deck or not, but it would look nice there or on the model's base.

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March 2013

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