Starfighter Decals 500-101:USN Cold War Cruisers


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Scott Van Aken


For Revell, Renwal, Monogram 1/500 +/- kits

There has been a bit of a resurgence in people building older 'box scale' kits in recent years. Much of this due to Revell reissuing some of its older kits and those of the Renwall and Monogram brands that the company owns. One result of this is that people are dusting off some of these older kits that they've had around for decades and decided to give them a build.

There are two issues one frequently runs into in these cases. One is that the parts are fairly crudely done. Fortunately for us, there are several people who do 3D printed upgrade parts for these and they can be found at Secondly, the decals may not be the best and this is were Starfighter Decals comes into play. This sheet is specifically designed for those cruisers kitted by the previously mentioned companies in their post WWII appearance. The sheet includes ship numbers, names and various deck markings. This includes helipad and those circles one sees around the missile launchers many ships had installed.

The instructions don't provide placement information as much as helpful hints and suggestions on where to get the aftermarket bits many of these kits so sorely need. A great sheet for fans and one that will be very useful.

Thanks to for the review sample. Get yours direct.

March 2019

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