Starfighter Decals 48-04: 1st Pursuit Group Peashooters


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Scott Van Aken


For Hobbycraft or Academy or Aurora kits

P-26 fans rejoice as Starfighter Decals has provided us with a sheet that covers no fewer than eleven markings options covering the three squadrons of the 1st PG. These come in a variety of either blue or olive drab fuselages. I recall reading at one time that these planes all left the factory in one of the two colors so the other shade would have been repaints.

The decals themselves are superbly printed by Cartograf and provide sufficient common markings to complete two of the markings options on the sheet. For kits, the one generally available is a very good one from Hobbycraft that has been released by Academy as well. I recommend finding the older Hobbycraft boxing as it is sure to be less expensive. While I am not sure if the markings will all fit, you might be able to use this on the old Aurora kit that was boxed by K&B for a while.

First batch of three planes are for the Group Command staff. One is about as plain as you can get with only the group badge and a red cowling/faceplate. OD fuselage. The together two have blue fuselages. Aircraft #80 has a nice yellow fuselage stripe and cowling while aircraft #23 has a red cowling and broad red fuselage stripe.

For the 17th PS, there are three options. First two have OD fuselages and have little more than a white fuselage band with the unit badge. The main difference is aircraft number. The blue fuselage option has no fuselage band but does have a white cowling.

Moving on to the 27th PS, there is a lone option with a blue fuselage and yellow fuselage stripe with unit badge. I should mention that there are some minor differences in the aircraft with some having a more exposed tail wheel than others, for example.

The 94th PS there are four options. First two are the same plane with different fuselage colors. This one has a lot of color with the red fuselage band, red area around the head rest, red fuselage 'flame', and red triangles on the engine cowling and wheel spats. It carries a large, white #13 on the fuselage. Next is #57 a blue fuselage aircraft with the broad red stripe on the fuselage and the unit badge. The final option is #24 with, again, the broad fuselage stripe and unit badge, but this time with very large red, white, and blue bands on the wings.

The instruction sheet is in full color and provides other items of information specific to each aircraft. Most highly recommended.

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October 2011

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