Starfighter Decals 4802: P-26 Peashooters


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Scott Van Aken


For Academy/Hobbycraft kit.

It has been a while since there has been a good sheet for the Academy/Hobbycraft 1/48 P-26 and now we have a set. This sheet may also fit the old K&B/Aurora kit for those who have that one. This is the second 1/48 scale sheet from Starfighter decals. The sheet itself is superbly printed by Catrograf, who has become the top decal producer in the world, and rightfully so as the colors are vibrant and the detailing crisp and clear. You get fourt aircraft in this sheet, all with either Olive Drab or Blue fuselages and yellow wings and empennages.

Option #1 is from the 73rd PS at March Field, CA. You can do this as #73 with an olive drab fuselage or as #47 with a blue one. otherwise, the markings are the same with the nice scallops and flash.

The rest all have blue fuselages, starting with a nice one in blue and yellow with the 95th PS, also based at March Field.

From Bolling Field is one with a striped cowling as part of the base flight. I daresay this was for armchair officers based in DC.

Finally from the 20th PS at Barksdale, LA is a 20th PG aircraft with a white engine cowling and fuselage band.

There are enough common markings to do two of the planes on the sheet and if you use the kit decals, you can do them all. There will be some painting required for some of these, but since you have to paint the yellow wings and empennage anyway, it won't be that onerous. The instructions are quite well done and include a data markings placement guide.

It is a great sheet and a very good price. If you have been waiting for some decent markings to do your P-26, your wait is over.

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February 2010

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