Starfighter Decals 4801: TBD-1 Devastators in War Paint


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Scott Van Aken


For Revell AG kit.

For decades, the Monogram 1/48 TBD Devastator was without any decent aftermarket decals. Then, in the last few years, a number of sheets have been produced, mostly for the yellow wing versions. This sheet if for the TBD when it went to war and covers all of the major actions in which it was involved including its final use at Midway in June of 1942.

This is the first of hopefully many 1/48 scale sheets from Starfighter decals. The sheet itself is superbly printed by Catrograf, who has become the top decal producer in the world, and rightfully so as the colors are vibrant and the detailing crisp and clear. You get eight aircraft in this sheet, all in either overall light grey or with the blue-grey upper surfaces with which it ended its fleet career.

The first two options are from early 1941 with one from VS-42 and the other from VT-6. These two planes are in overall light grey AN 602. These have the small fuselage insignia  and both have upper wing walkways.

Next from just before the war, is a VT-6 aircraft. This has the same style of markings as the earlier planes, but now sports an upper surface color of M-485 blue-grey. This scheme initiates the painting of the underside of the folding portion of the wing with the upper surface color.

The fourth, fifth and sixth options, all have the addition of the red and white rudder stripes. The fifth option is from VT-6 during the 1942 Doolittle Raid. The next two are from the Battle of the Coral Sea with VT-2, and VT-8 chosen as the subjects.

The final two options are both from Torpedo 8 during the Battle of Midway. Gone are the red and white rudder stripes and the red from the insignia. The fuselage insignia are both quite large. One plane is, of course, George Gay's aircraft while the other is Lt.Cdr J.C. Waldron's aircraft.

There are enough markings on the sheet to do two of the eight options on the sheet. Of course, with the use of other insignia sheets, one can do more options.

It is a great sheet and a very good price and one that, if you like Devastators, you'll want to pick up.

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January 2010

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