Starfighter Decals 350-54: USS Nimitz CVN 68 1975-1983


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Starfighter Decals has released a new sheet for ship modelers. This time it is the USS Nimitz during the 1975-83 time period. Like anything else, the markings on even aircraft carriers change over time. This is, of course, for the ship and not the air wing. The Nimitz is, of course, the initial ship of a class of ten nuclear powered aircraft carriers. It wasn't until the entry into the fleet of the Gerald Ford in 2017

There are over 36 specific markings, a number of them repeated, that are used on this ship. The instruction sheet provided not only identification of each marking, but also its placement on the deck.

The two sheets in this set are printed by Microscale so you know the quality is there.

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June 2018

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