Starfighter Decals 350-25-S: USN Generic Air Group Markings


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Scott Van Aken


1/350 scale

Starfighter Decals seems to have found a niche that has not been well served, and that is for aircraft carrier and air wing markings. With the rather large number of ship kits being produced over the last decade, there is a need for quality decals for these subjects.

This particular set consists of generic air wing markings. These are designed for Hellcats, Corsairs, Helldivers and Avengers. There are enough insignia and aircraft numbers to do an air wing of about 90 planes. The instruction sheet shows the placement of the markings and you get both the 'full color' and 'white only' insignia. You also get air group commander markings as well as the tape areas for the upper forward fuselage of the Corsair.

You get markings for 12 torpedo bombers, 12 dive bombers and 66 fighters. Some of the air group numbers are also in black. The instructions tell you what size markings to put on what planes. The decals themselves are printed by Cartograf and all the markings appear to be separate and not on a single carrier.

Starfighter has plans for other markings including air wing codes and geometric designs, but only if sales warrant the effort. This is a fine sheet and for those doing 1/350 WWII carriers, well worth picking up.

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June 2014

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