Starfighter Decals 350-11-100: VF-111 Sundowners 1967-69


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Scott Van Aken


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Starfighter Decals has released a new sheet for those modeling post WWII carriers in 1/350 scale. In particular, this sheet covers the F-8C aircraft from VF-111 when aboard the USS Intrepid during the 1967-69 time period. As you may know, the Intrepid was not a full CVA, but considers an ASW carrier during this time, like many WWII Essex carrier rebuilds used during the Vietnam War.

This meant that it could not handle a full squadron complement so detachments of up to six aircraft were carried .

The set contains three planes from the 1967 time period when the tail code was AH and six planes from the 1968-69 period when the tail code was AK. The early planes are numbered 16, 17, and 20 while the later planes are numbered 101-106. There are separate serial numbers for each plane as well and Starfighter provides fuselage and tail walk markings as well as all the other unique markings.

Instructions provide color and placement information. There is no recommended kit, but I do know that both the 3D printing crowd and a resin aircraft are out there, though I'm not sure if either comes with landing gear. I also think that the Tamiya 1/350 USS Enterprise comes with these planes.  This set should be most welcome to those wanting to model a Vietnam era carrier in this scale. 

November 2015


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