Starfighter Decals SFD350-108: VA-35 Black Panthers 1980


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Scott Van Aken


For Trumpeter kit

This really neat set is for the Trumpeter 1/350 A-6 kit and includes markings for 12 different aircraft. These planes were painted in light gull grey over white and include the green wing stripes used during the aborted Iranian hostage rescue of 1980.

What makes this an especially cool set is that each set of markings has different nose numbers and serial numbers. Some of these are for the KA-6D. These planes sometimes carried green bands around the aft fuselage so you'll need to paint those if they were carried. Each of the tail markings includes the white rudder so you do not need to paint that. Nose anti-glare panels as well as wing and fuselage walk areas are also included.

The set is designed for the Trumpeter kit and while I think that Tamiya also did an A-6E, I'm unsure if these markings will fit. Regardless, it is neat to have these available and being able to do a whole squadron is a real treat.

June 2015

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