Starfighter Decals 350-10s: Air Group 8 USS Hornet - Midway to Santa Cruz


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Scott Van Aken


For the any applicable aircraft

Starfighter Decals has released a new sheet for those modeling carriers in 1/350 scale. In particular, this sheet covers the USS Hornet's Air Group 8 from the Battle of Midway to the Battle of Santa Cruz later that same year.

The sheet has insignia in four sizes: 60", 54", 45", and 40". These will fit the planes of the time, including the Wildcat, Devastator, Avenger and Dauntless. There are quite a lot of each size so you should have more than enough to do the air wing.  Aircraft of the time period carried little more than insignia and aircraft numbers and those numbers are also included. Note that markings in white are also provided as some units had those. During this time, the Devastator was replaced by the Avenger and even within the same air wing, there were differences in these markings in the short time between Midway and Santa Cruz.

Thankfully, you get a great set of placement instructions along with a bit of background on each aircraft type. In addition to the air wing markings, there are ship deck markings, which is what I assume the long white stripes are for.

This set should be most welcome to those wanting to model the Hornet during her brief combat career.

November 2015


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