Starfighter Decals 32-02: P-12E in USAAC Service


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Scott Van Aken


For the Hasegawa kit.

Starfighter Decals has added a very nice new sheet for the 1/32 Hasegawa P-12 E kit. This sheet has four aircraft options, and they are not the usual subjects, which is quite nice. The options have been well researched and Starfighter provides references in case you may want to look things up. The decals themselves are world class and printed by Cartograf in Italy, so you know you are getting quality. There are enough insignia and common data markings for one plane with a second set of tail stripes in case you wish to use the kit decals for a second build.

First up is White 46 a plane from the 35th Pursuit Squadron at Langley, Virginia. The engine plate and wheels are white on this one.

Next is the lone blue fuselage P-12E on the sheet. It is from Maxwell Field in Alabama and was a member of the 'Skylarks' aerobatic team in 1937.

The next plane with the red cowling, wheels and engine cover is from the 24th Pursuit Squadron, based at the Canal Zone in 1934. This is a leader's plane. I also see that apparently the horizontal stabs on this one were red as well instead of the usual Yellow #4.

Finally, an 8th Pursuit Group commander's plane from Langley Field. Yellow is used for the wheels and the engine face plate.

In all, a must have sheet for fans of 1/32 P-12s and one that will certainly make your next build of this aircraft stand out from the rest.

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May 2011

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