Starfighter Decals 2405: Texas Roadrunners 2 - Chaparral 2E Can Am 1966


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Scott Van Aken


1/24 scale

For their next car decal sheet, Starfighter Decals has chosen the revolutionary Chaparral 2E. This is the car that introduced the wing to sports car and formula one racing. In order to provide downforce and grip to the rear tires, the wing was attached directly to the suspension uprights. This greatly increased cornering speeds. The wing on the 2E was movable like the 'flipper' on the earlier 2A/C versions and the driver pressed a pedal that flatten out the wing so there was no drag on the straights.

Other competitors tried to emulate this design, but were not as successful. One reason was that, hidden under the front of the car, was another movable wing. The 2E had its radiators along the side rather than in the front as other cars of the time, so had all the space for another aerodynamic device. As often happens, this innovation of movable aerodynamic devices was banned by the racing bodies and after a few years, high wings were also banned.

The 2E was only raced during the 1966 season and won one race, that at Laguna Seca. The car was then modified to the 2G, which basically changed the 327 Chevy for a 427. A crash at Las Vegas ended Jim Hall's racing career and the 2G. As with all racing cars, the 2E did not stay exactly the same from race to race. Some of the differences were small front side spoilers and the use of end plates on the wing.

Once again, finding a kit will not be inexpensive as none have been done for decades. Fischer models used to do a resin kit, but a fire that destroyed their shop/home put an end to that. IMC did an injected plastic kit that might be your best bet as I've seen them sell for as little as $100. I have one still in the cellophane that I fully plan to build. You can also find Cox Slot cars in various conditions that might be a starting place and vacuform Lexan bodies are also an alternative.

 However you go about it, this is a great sheet to get and will be a fine replacement for the undoubtedly past due date kit offerings.

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October 2019

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