Starfighter Decals 2404: Texas Roadrunners - Chaparral 2A USRRC 1964-1965


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Scott Van Aken


1/24 scale

One of the most influential and interesting sports racers of the mid 1960s were Jim Hall's Chaparrals. With a good dose of support from Chevrolet, these innovative cars were very competitive in nation sports car racing circles, being at time, nearly unbeatable.

Without a doubt the most successful was the 2A series of cars. These vehicles, like all sports racers, was continually modified to increase its speed and durability. This particular sheet covers the pre-'flipper' cars that raced in the US Road Racing Championship (USRRC), which was a series prior to the Can AM.

All the cars on this sheet are in an overall Ermine White with natural fiberglass chassis that are a reddish brown. The markings set is quite comprehensive, covering USRRC, Sebring, and Nassau races. The Nassau event was the only time the Chaparral carried a major sponsorship.

You get all available car numbers and roundels as well as the small sponsor labels. Probably the biggest difficulty will be finding something to use them on. Slot cars were produced in 1/24 by both Monogram and Cox. There were also some kits, but those have been long discontinued and a google found only some Monogram slot cars in the $300-425.00 range. There are vacuformed Lexan bodies out there that could be combined with the more available Chaparral 2D by Monogram to make a 2A so all is not lost. These decals could also be used to provide decent livery for a slot car for those of us who like this hobby. Decals are superbly printed and the instructions are very helpful when it comes to markings/race.

Just to show you how much these cars were modified, this is a 1/43 model of one of the 2A cars later in 1965 with tire louvers and the pedal controlled 'flipper' at the rear of the car.

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October 2019

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