Starfighter Decals 2403: Ford GT-40 Mk.II  - Daytona 1967


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Scott Van Aken


1/24 scale

This is another Ford GT-40 sheet and covers the cars that ran in the 1967 Daytona 24 hour race. This was fairly much the last fling of the Mk.II car from the Ford racing division as all their concentration would be on the Mk.IV. The 1967 race was won in a fairly solid manner by Ferrari with their 330 P4s, the Mk.II GT-40s doing no better than 7th place with the rest dropping out with troubles.

There are four different cars on this sheet and the recommended kit is by Fujimi or Revell. Each of the four options provides information on the kit to be used as well as details regarding some of the various differences between the cars that should be considered when building the model. All of the Ford entered cars used paint colors that were the same as available on the Mustang for that year and that information is also provided.

I know that Fujimi has boxed at least one of these schemes as I built it many years back, though the kit missed a few details that are provided by this sheet. For instance, all the Daytona cars only had fuel fillers on the left side of the car while the Fujimi kit has them on both sides so some filler will be needed to correct this.

In all, it is a superb sheet and just what the GT.40 and race car fan should have in their arsenal.

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May 2019

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