Starfighter Decals 144-200 USN Deck and Tractor Markings


Starfighter Decals 144-200 USN Deck and Tractor Markings


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Scott Van Aken


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This is a pretty neat idea. Dragon/DML does deck sections for several of their kits and those include deck tractors as well. This sheet is designed to be used on those kits to replace the often missing or poorly done kit decals.

Starfighter provides markings in black and white for both the older yellow and newer white deck tractors. (As an aside, we used to call tractors and tow bars and such 'yellow gear' as it was painted yellow. With this stuff now painted white, what's it called; 'white gear'?)

In addition to tractor stuff, there are surrounds for the Jet Blast Deflectors and the Launch pit as shown on the artwork. A full set of painting instructions is also included. A nice set for those who want to add the proper color and some different markings for their next kit.

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July 2008

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