Starfighter Decals 144-132: 20th Century Prowlers Part 1


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Scott Van Aken


For Dragon kit.

Another nice set of markings from Starfighter Decals is this sheet for a pair of EA-6B Prowlers. These are both in the older light gull grey over white scheme and are from the mid-1970s. The sheet provides complete markings for both aircraft, including the upper fuselage and wing walk areas, a nice touch.

The first is from VAQ-130 'Zappers' aboard the USS Nimitz in 1975. Your editor passed up a chance to be a plank-owner with this unit when they moved to Whidbey Is in 1974 as I'd been with them during the last years of the Skywarrior era. Glad I passed it up!

The next is with VAQ-137 'Rooks' during 1974 with the USS Enterprise. The checkerboards are for the speed brakes on the wing tips.

The ALPS printed decals are very nicely done and for those who have used these before, not a problem. I did notice that the yellow on the rescue arrows was slightly off register. New users should be advised that these are somewhat fragile in terms of scratching if over-handled and need to be cut out individually from the solid backing.

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September 2009

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