Starfighter Decals 144-130: VA-75 Sunday Punchers Last Intruder Cruise


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Scott Van Aken


For Dragon kit.

Next neat decal sheet is this one for VA-75 Sunday Punchers. It provides complete markings for two aircraft that were on the last A-6 Intruder cruise in 1996 aboard the USS Enterprise. These are both some the final build aircraft that were produced well after most A-6s had been built in order to make up for attrition. Many of these planes were dumped over the side to help form an artificial reef off Florida, including some planes that had only about 1,000 flight hours.

The sheet not only includes the usual markings, but also has the wing and fuselage walk areas. One of the options is the CAG bird and the other the plane of the squadron's CO. The ALPS printed decals are very nicely done and for those who have used these before, not a problem. New users should be advised that these are somewhat fragile in terms of scratching if over-handled and need to be cut out individually from the solid backing. Both options are in the Tactical Paint Scheme so painting should be quite straight forward.

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March 2009

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