Starfighter Decals 144-125: RA-5C Vigilante


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RVAH-6 and RVAH-12


Scott Van Aken


For Revell/Otaki kit. Alps printed.

This next new sheet from Starfighter decals is for the Vigilante. The only extant kit is the old Otaki version that has been reissued by Revell. Not exactly one that is readily found, but also not one that is impossible to find. This sheet offers markings for four aircraft attached to two units.

One is RVAH-6 and this one flew from the USS America. This aircraft is most unusual in not having a read intake warning marking.

The other three are for RVAH-12 planes from the USS Enterprise. There are three serials provided and the difference between them are the nose flashes. I'll assume that the dark blue and red flashes go on a white radome. The sheet instructions are also silent on which flash goes with which serial/modex, but I'm going to take a leap of faith and say that the modex, bands and serials are read straight across. I'll also include in that leap that the smaller wing insignia are supposed to be for this aircraft. Normally, the Vigilante had much larger wing insignia as provided for the RVAH-6 plane.

This particular sheet is ALPs printed so will require care in handling and in cutting out the various markings. There are enough data markings  and insignia to do two aircraft. Instructions are in full color and provide FS 595 references as well as markings placement information.

Those of us who are fans of 1/144 should be glad that Starfighter Decals has taken the time and trouble to provide us with optional markings and they don't charge a fortune for them either. Well worth the cost and I highly recommend visiting them to see what else they offer.

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September 2008

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