Starfighter Decals 144-121 P-3C Orion


$8.00 from


VP-23 and VP-40


Scott Van Aken


For LS kits. Alps printed

Truth is that 1/144 modelers are not really well served in the decal market. Many years ago, Microscale released a number of sheets that were downsized from their 1/72 offerings. They did not sell in the numbers hoped and were soon no longer produced. These sheets are now highly prized.

Starfighter Decals has produced this sheet for two of the more colorful VP squadrons; VP-23 and VP-40. The sheet offers two different aircraft from each unit. Most are in the old white over light gull grey, though there is one in the newer overall grey with the 'last three' of the serial as the nose number. The sheet lists this as overall light gull grey, making it easy to paint.

The decals are quite well done and have been given a coating of Microscale's clear decal film to help protect them. Means each marking will have to be cut from the sheet separately and one needs to be especially careful about using setting solutions on these as the strong ones could damage the decals.

A really super effort and one I'm glad to see. Hopefully Starfighter Decals will submit a few more for review in the future.

Thanks to for the review sample

December 2007

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