Starfighter Decals 144-100: F-21A Kfir


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VF-43, VMFT-401, & ATAC


Scott Van Aken


For Dragon/DML kit. Alps printed.

One of the new sheets from Starfighter Decals is this one for the F-21A Kfir. You may know that for several years, the US Navy/Marines leased a batch of Kfir C2s and operated them with two units to provide dissimilar air combat training. Once the lease was done, the planes were returned to Israel. Recently, the later Kfir C7 aircraft have been operated by a company called ATAC and providing the same services as were provided earlier by the military units.

This particular sheet is ALPs printed so will require care in handling and in cutting out the various markings. There are enough data markings to do two aircraft. There are enough unique markings, and that includes serial number blocks, to do any of the Kfirs flown in the United States. Instructions are in full color and provide FS 595 references as well as markings placement information.

Those of us who are fans of 1/144 should be glad that Starfighter Decals has taken the time and trouble to provide us with optional markings and they don't charge a fortune for them either. Well worth the cost and I highly recommend visiting them to see what else they offer.

Thanks to for the review sample.

September 2008

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