Starship Modeler 'Flying Tiger

For: Revell 1/72 B5 Star Fury Mk I




Scott Van Aken

For those of you who are into sci-fi in general and space ships in particular, then you are undoubtedly aware of both 'Babylon 5' and the Star Fury one-man fighter. You should also be aware of John Lester's Starship Modeler  website. A couple of years ago, Revell issued a B5 Star Fury kit. It sold extremely well and is now a bit tough to find. Typical of most sf kits, it wasn't the easiest to build, but does make into a nice model.

Starship Modeler had a Star Fury contest that drew a goodly number of entrants and was most popular. One of the features of the Star Fury is that many of them carried wing art of some sort. The kits supplied several different ones and now you can add Capt. John Sheridan's Flying Tiger logo to your next Star Fury kit. The decal is superbly printed on an Alps printer, which gives a very high quality decal. To go one step farther, the decals are coated with a matte clear to give the decal more durability as Alps decals tend to be susceptible to scratches.

Not wanting to sound like a Clint Eastwood movie, but for a few dollars more, there is a set that includes tiger stripes farther out on the wing, or you can paint them on. The small instruction sheet shows exactly where the decals are to be placed on the model. If you are into B5 Star Furies, then this decal should be on your next one!

Review sheet courtesy Starship Modeler .

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